Discharges of Securities

The PSG have also provided two letters of undertaking dealing with the most commonly encountered situations for delivery of a discharge of a standard security:

Discharge 1: Loan transaction where Discharge is held by Lender’s solicitor and will not be delivered until repayment of the loan;


Discharge 2: Loan transaction where Discharge is held as undelivered by Borrower’s solicitor pending repayment of the loan.

Fee Undertaking

Undertaking to pay third party fees (v1)

Guidance Notes – Undertaking to pay fees (v1)


Lease transaction where the lease is not registrable (ie duration of the lease is 20 years or less)

To distinguish the post 2012 Act letters from the pre 2012 Act letters we refer to the new letters as letters of undertaking.


Letter of Undertaking where an Advance Notice has been ordered but will not be received prior to settlement (v2)
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The PSG has produced a letter of undertaking dealing with obligations by a Borrower to a Lender immediately following completion of a security transaction:

Letter of undertaking by Borrower’s solicitor to Lender’s solicitor about completion matters (v2)
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