Completion Checklist

Missives often provide for the delivery of a large number of documents at settlement from the disposition, searches, planning documentation, building warrants and plans etc to guarantees for works carried out to the property. Delays can occur at settlement if the parties do not have the necessary documents available on time.

The completion checklist is designed to ensure that both parties are aware of what documents will be required at settlement and who will be responsible for obtaining/providing them. By agreeing the contents of the checklist some time in advance of settlement there will be no last minute delays as one party realises they need a particular document. If there is any reason why a particular document will not be available at settlement this can be highlighted in the comments box and steps taken to address the omission.

The checklist will need to be tailored to each transaction for which it is used as every transaction is different but it hopefully covers most of the commonly required documents to be delivered at settlement.

Completion checklist (v6)
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Guidance notes for the completion checklist (v6)
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